Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ta-Da! (pretend you hear the kettledrums beating and the trumpets blaring)

We have a home! Huzzah, Huzzah! This just in from LSHM:

November 14 - 16, 2008

Friday - Sunday

We are pleased to announce the home for the eleventh annual LSHM Gaming Convention.

Millenniumcon 11 will be at the Wingate Inn and Conference Center in Round Rock, Texas. Discounted room rates are available at $87 per night. Ask for the Millenniumcon discount when registering.

And we have recently been advised of the impending arrival of two additional Brigades and Commanders making the trip from the Dallas area, one Prussian and one French. Assuming that they don't "bump" into each other trying to cross the Brazos in Waco and contest the river crossing, our gathering forces continue to grow. I'm sure that Ed will be providing an update shortly with a list of the forces that our scouts have detected.

Bill & Ed

Sir William of M'Uedail
Landgraf Bogart of Hesse-Fedora


Clay said...

The Sash and Saber 50% off sale was too tempting....my 28 pound box of crack arrived a few days ago and included two battalions of Prussians and a regiment of Hussars.

I've already got the French..doh...after completely forgetting that I have several boxes of F&IW stuff. My cavalry unit is too small, but that's nothing an order of Hinchliffe figures can't fix. I need to order Prussian guns anyway.

See you there!

P.S. - What is the LEAST common Prussian Hussar regiment? I don't want to show up with Zieten's or the 5th Hussars if there are three others....

Der Alte Fritz said...

Well, the 5th Hussars did have 10 squadrons as did a number of the Prussian hussar regiments, so it would be OK if multiple people show up with the same unit.

Since I can only bring a limited amount of cavalry, it will be my Garde du Corps cuirassiers rather than the Black hussars.

OK, that said, the 1st Hussars (Green) are a very attractive looking unit and have a good combat record.

Ed Youngstrom said...


If you mean "common" as "ones that people are bringing to this particular game," the only one identified so far is #4.

I owe everyone an updated roster...


ColCampbell50 said...

Thanks for the hotel information. Now I can start sweet-talking she who must be obeyed into a mid-November vacation to central Texas!

I also took advantage of the Sash & Saber sale to get another battalion each of Prussian and Russian musketeers and two squadrons of Prussians hussars. But since my "Prussian" hussars are really from Carpania, they will not be painted like any of the Prussian regiments so there shouldn't be any confusion.


Chrisbump said...

I am bringing one squadron of the 7th Hussars. The 8th regiment is rarely painted and played because they were disbanded after being captured en'masse. They are all red and look pretty cool. Definitely on my list to eventually paint.


Chrisbump said...

I will be bringing 1 squadron from the 7th Hussars.

The 8th Hussars don't often grace tables because they were captured en'masse. They are all red and look pretty nice too.


Ed Youngstrom said...

Der Alte Fritz (original version) WAS a little vindictive that way!

Chrisbump said...

I would like to contact der Alte Fritz off line, how would I do this?



Bill McHenry said...

I assume you mean the one that's still with us? Try this:


Sir William

Frankfurter said...

$87 bucks a nite is a tad steep for my disability check ... what are the roommate finding services??
Especially as it may take me two days to get there and two days to get home with these legs.
Doctor's permission still pending ... but I've got the figures ready!


Ed Youngstrom said...


You could perhaps join one of the LSHM Yahoo groups and ask there? Search the Yahoo groups for LSHM...there are 4 or 5 of the regional groups there.

Congrats on the troops. I got another couple regiments based this weekend myself.