Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There have been some changes...

in the alignment of the small countries of Uropa.

The counties of Zolms and the Duchy of M’Uedail have withdrawn from the war. The itinerant Weisspferdheim Cavalry Division of Graf von Piepenbrink has been recalled to its allegiance to the Emperor, much to the relief of the Emperor’s generals.

However, based on current projections, the Emperor will be sorely outnumbered on the battlefield come November:

Here are the units committed so far:

Germania (Youngstrom)
1st Grenadier Battalion (5/13/18/20)
2nd Grenadier Battalion (35/36/GR3/GR4/NGR)
Infantry Regiment Alt-Braunschweig (IR 5)
Infantry Regiment Jung-Kleist (IR 9)
Infantry Regiment von Itzenplitz (IR 13)
Infantry Regiment Prinz von Preussen (IR 18)
Infantry Regiment Prinz Heinrich (FR 35)
Infantry Regiment Alt-Münchow (FR 36)
Cuirassier Regiment von Seydlitz (CR 8, 2 sqd)
Dragoon Regiment von Schorlemer (DR 6, 2 sqd)
Hussar Regiment von Puttkamer (HR 4, 2 sqd)
Germanian Artillery

Germania (Bump)
Infantry Regiment Jung-Kleist (IR 9)
Infantry Regiment von Knobloch (IR 10)
Hussar Regiment
Germanian Artillery

Germania (Michels)
1st Grenadier Battalion
2nd Grenadier Battalion
1st Musketeer Regiment
2nd Musketeer Regiment
3rd Musketeer Regiment
4th Musketeer Regiment
1st Fusilier Regiment
2nd Fusilier Regiment
3rd Fusilier Regiment
4th Fusilier Regiment
1st Cuirassier Regiment
2nd Cuirassier Regiment
3rd Cuirassier Regiment
4th Cuirassier Regiment
5th Cuirassier Regiment
1st Dragoon Regiment
2nd Dragoon Regiment
3rd Dragoon Regiment
4th Dragoon Regiment
5th Dragoon Regiment
Germanian Artillery

Carpania (Pitts)
Musketeer Battalion Zweibieren
Musketeer Battalion Teutonica
Fusilier Battalion von Stuppe
Grenadier Company Zweibieren/von Stuppe
Freikorps Company Warsteiner
Carpanian Artillery

Hesse-Fedora (Youngstrom)
Grenadier Battalion von Dobbs
Infantry Regiment Leib
Infantry Regiment von Blaine
Infantry Regiment von Earle
Infantry Regiment von Spade
Fusilier Regiment Landgrafin
Garde du Corps
Karabinier Regiment von Marlowe
Dragoon Regiment von Gunn
Hussar Regiment von Steele
Hesse-Fedora Artillery

Brittania (Youngstrom)
Grenadier Battalion (11/20/37)
11th Foot
20th Foot
37th Foot
Brittanian Artillery

Imperium (Youngstrom)
1st Grenadier Battalion (7/14/42/52)
2nd Grenadier Battalion (1/12/37)
Infantry Regiment Kaiser (IR 1)
Infantry Regiment Neipperg (IR 7)
Infantry Regiment Moltke (IR 12)
Infantry Regiment Salm-Salm (IR 14)
Infantry Regiment Esterhazy (IR 37, Hungarian)
Infantry Regiment Gaisruck (IR 42)
Cuirassier Regiment Alt-Modena (CR iii, 2 sqd)
Cuirassier Regiment Serbelloni (CR 12, 2 sqd)
Cuirassier Regiment Ferdinand (CR 4, 2 sqd)
Converged Horse Grenadiers (DR9/19/31/i, 2 sqd)
Dragoon Regiment Prinz de Ligne (DR 31, 2 sqd)
Dragoon Regiment Savoy (DR 9, 2 sqd)
Dragoon Regiment Zweibrucken (DR i, 2 sqd)
Imperial Artillery

Imperium (Rogers)
Infantry Regiment Kaiser (IR 1)
Infantry Regiment Neipperg (IR 7)
Dragoon Regiment
Imperial Artillery

Courland (Pitts)
Musketeer Battalion Ducal Liebgarde (C'land)
Musketeer Battalion Livlandischer Orden (C'land)
Militia Company (Campostella)
Cossack Sotnia (Courland)

Gallia (Youngstrom)
Infantry Regiment Conde
Infantry Regiment La Sarre
Cavalry Regiment Rougrave
Cavalry Regiment Royal Allemand
Gallian Artillery

Saxe-Jungbach (Youngstrom)
Infantry Regiment Prinz Maximillian
Infantry Regiment Sachsen-Gotha
Saxon Artillery

Weisspferdheim (Piepenbrink)
Horse Regiment von Beverdforden (2 sqd)
Weisspferdheim Leibgarde (2 sqd)
Dragoon Regiment Der Blauens (2 sqd)
Hussar Regiment Herzog Septimus (2 sqd)
Hussar Regiment Reinholtz (2 sqd)