Tuesday, March 18, 2008

7 and 1/2 Months and Counting...

Well, yes, it has been a long time since we've published an update. For that we should probably be flogged severely with some form of pasta by a pair of lovely tavern wenches! However, we are somewhat in a "holding pattern" at the moment as we await the official results of Lone Star Historical Miniatures signing the actual contract with the hosting hotel for MilleniumCon XI.

The tentative dates, based on the last information available, are November 14, 15 and 16, 2008, and the host site should still be the same, just north of Austin, Texas. As soon as either Ed or myself know anything "final" we will update this Blog post-haste.

We can share some information with you. For those not already aware of it, Ed hosted a "trial run" B.A.R. event at ChimaeraCon in San Antonio this past weekend that appears to have been a great success. There are excellent write-ups on the game on Ed's Blog (Hesse-Fedora) and a "plug" from Der Alte Fritz (aka Jim Purky) on his Blog. And speaking of that esteemed Gentleman from the midwest, we have been advised that both he and his "partner in crime" Mssr. Chevert (aka Bill Protz) WILL be in attendance for what will now be the second Big Battalion Game in Texas at MilleniumCon XI. In addition to these two esteemed Gentlemen, we have tentative committments from traveler's from California, Mississippi and Arkansas, who will all be venturing forth to join our own Texas crew for this event.

We are making plans to host a "pre-game" event on Friday night where we will have at least a small scenario laid-out and Mssrs. Protz and Purky available to field questions and demonstrate certain mechanics of the rules to any and all interested parties. We will also have packets available describing the scenario and Orders of Battle (such as we are aware of) for Saturday's Main Event. I am also quite confident that, after exploring the mysteries of "Batailles de l' Ancien Regime" for a time, we will be able to adjourn to a convenient location for some liquid courage and "munchies" to prepare us all the more for Saturday. In all, it promises to be a most entertaining weekend in the southern part of Texas.

Sir William of M'Uedail
Bill McHenry


Der Alte Fritz said...

I am really looking forward to attending this game, especially after reading Ed's after action report at the recent Chimaeracon.

Now it's just a matter of figuring out which Hesse Seewald units to bring with me on the airplane (alas, a rather small token force, but it will be fun just the same).

Oh, I will be siding with The Elector, naturally.

Ed Youngstrom said...


That will be excellent for you to join us!

Units: obviously your choice, but at least one unit of Potsdam Miniatures would be nice!


Ed Youngstrom said...


Whoa, there, 'lil fella!

Where do you get off calling that there town of Austin "southern Texas??!"

Them's fightin' words, mister! That's "NORTH" Texas, if'n it ain't just "NOT" Texas at all.

Yee haw!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled, non-Texan, Seven Years War blog.

Bill McHenry said...

To The Esteemed Landgraf of Hesse-Fedora:

Please take no offense Dear Sir, but to those of us in the settled territories north of the Brazos, your estates do lie in a southerly direction, and one is never quite sure of the level of civilization that might have developed since our last foray there. I have heard, but have not observed personally, that your food is still highly-seasoned, your people tend to move somewhat slower and take afternoon naps, and that cow-tipping is still quite the competitive sport in the region. I look forward to my journey and will be sure to have my aides pack (and arm themselves) accordingly.

Sir William

Gallia said...

Gallia is prepared to book a flight, car and hotel room once the convention date is locked. Like Jim, Der Alte Fritz of Hesse Seewald, I am pondering what to bring. My first choice is cavalry. They will ride with me in the cabin. Oh stewardess, do you have some oats?
I claim Texas heritage BTW. My mother is a Texican as John Wayne would say it, Pilgrim.
Hopefully I can drive south to The Alamo. An hour and half, isn't it? I've not been there.
Song From Rio Bravo:
Sung by Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson

The sun is sinking in the west
The cattle go down to the stream
The red wing settles in her nest
It's time for a cowboy to dream

Purple light in the canyons
That's where I long to be
With my three good companions
Just my rifle, pony and me

Gonna hang my sombrero
On the limb of a tree
Coming home, sweetheart darlin'
Just my rifle, pony and me

Whippoorwill in the willow
Sings a sweet melody
Riding to Amarillo
Just my rifle, pony and me

No more cows to be roping
No more strays will I see
Round the bend, she'll be waiting
For my rifle, pony and me
For my rifle, my pony and me

Looking forward to this enormously,
Bill P.