Monday, June 16, 2008

Are Your Paintbrushes Getting a Workout?

As the date for MilleniumCon XI draws nearer (only 5 months now), Landgraf Bogey, Der Alte Fritz, Mssr. de Chevert and myself are busily working on the scenario for the game. I won't divulge too much just yet, but it won't be your typical Convention "Line 'em up and go" scenario.

Just to whet your appetite's a little, we are using an actual battle from the 16th Century, whose tactics and tactical challenges were somewhat duplicated in the 20th Century, all neatly sandwiched into our little Imagi-Nations 18th Century setting. There will be variable Victory Conditions for each army, some tactical challenges to either overcome or avoid (possibly at your own risk), and a bit of the old "Fog of War" present in the scenario. As the scenario develops we will share a little more of it here, but not all. After all, we do want there to be some suprises awaiting those who journey to Austin! I will offer one word of advice though, communications will be critical in this game, so be sure and paint up at least two or three ADC's to accompany your General, they just might have a busy day ahead of them.

A word to potential traveler's and attendee's, try and plan on a Friday arrival if possible, as we are trying to finalize arrangements for a meeting room or area for Friday night to go over the scenario and to allow Mssrs. Protz and Purdy the opportunity to answer any rules questions that you might have and possibly even demonstrate a few things on a tabletop. There will, of course, be a Staff Meeting before Saturday's Battle, but attending Friday Night's little soiree could give you a leg up, as well as the opportunity to share a libation or three with your opponent's for the coming battle before all that powder smoke and "Fog of War" clouds your minds.

Sir William


ColCampbell50 said...

Sir William,

The Margrave of Carpania (Elector) and the Duke of Courland (Emperor) continue to raise and equip their troops for the journey to Round Rock. As of the end of May, each leader has two 48-figure battalions and two guns ready to go with more troops in the pipeline. An entry in my blog today will detail the latest additions.


Chrisbump said...

My battalion guns have two crewman each.
at my current run rate, I do not know if I will be able to complete the extra figures called for to crew a light gun in BAR.

I will be able to bring 2 54 man Musketeer battalions, each with a 3lb battalion gun and two crewman and a 48 man converged Grenadier battalion, 2 6lb guns with 5 crew and a 12 man squadron from the 7th Hussars.
How do we proceed with the gun crew being so short per BAR?



Chrisbump said...

I should clarify what I mean by my question as it reads a bit snippy.
Can we play with the battalion guns with only 2 crew each?

Is there a minimum number of crewman for a gun to be effective or even active with BAR?


Bill McHenry said...


Your medium guns only have to have 4 crew and battalion guns can have as few as 3. If you don't think you can get 2 more figures painted, you have 3 options:

1) Probably borrow a couple of single figures from someone to help crew your battalion guns

2) Re-distribute your existing crews to the minimum for each gun type

3) "Scrape off" a couple of your infantry figures to help crew the battalion guns


Der Alte Fritz said...

Chris: what army (historical) are you representing. Ithink that I could whip out a couple of artillery crew for you in no time.

Chrisbump said...

Thanks guys,
I am painting Prussians.
My guns are seperate, but the crews are mounted on a base and this is why I only have 2 crew per battalion gun.
The same is true for my medium guns and infantry.