Monday, January 7, 2008

Ten months to The Game, and armies are growing!

As you can see from the graphic at left, multiple contingents have been added, but most threw in with the Elector.

I will be adding Orders of Battle over the next few days. I will experiment with several methods, so the appearance of the blog may change slightly.

Four of the contingents that have been added have been "mixed brigades" of almost the exact composition as M. Chevert-Protz recommends as a starting point in BAR. When we get a lot closer to November, I will start consolidating the various armies into a single whole. Or maybe not, as things go.

I just noticed one thing: I left the "Generals" label, but in reality it is "Brigades."


Stokes Schwartz said...

This is exciting from my vicarious point of view!

Best Regards,


Ed Youngstrom said...

Stokes--you can imagine what it's like for Bill M. and myself!

Ed v. H-F

Herzog Ignaz said...

His Grace Duke Ignaz von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn, disturbed by the preponderance of forces enrolled in the cause of Anglo-Prussian tentatively plans to offer 3 battalions of foot with battalion guns, 1 squadron of cuirassiers, 2 squadrons of dragoons, and 2 batteries of medium artillery to the Franco-Austrian league.

Bill McHenry said...

Your Grace,

Let me be the first to sound a rousing "Huzzah!" at your announcement. Your company will be much appreciated as we tackle the Heathens!

Sir William

Gallia said...


Over at Emperor vs. Elector, I've summarized the current state of affairs involving Gallia in its contest with Hesse-Seewaldt, etc. I mention this solely in case it has some small value somewhere in the theme for the November game in Austin. NOT THAT IT HAS TO AT ALL - BTW. It's just there in case of need.

Find the title about Gallia wintering in Germania and elsewhere, if you have an idle moment.

Cheers and Applause to the Texas Crew and all others hoping to attende too,
Bill P.