Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Place To Be In 2008!!!

Your Host Site, Well Protected From Hostiles!
The purpose of this Blog is to make all aware of, and disseminate information about, the impending Clash of Armies in Austin, Texas, in November of 2008. Your hosts for this "Big Battalion" game will be the Most Gracious Landgraviate of Hesse-Fedora, Sir Ed Youngstrom (in his alter-identity as Landgraf Humphrey Bogart) and the Honourable Regent of the Duchy of M'Uedail, Sir Bill McHenry (in his alter-identity of Sir William MacInerney, Duc d'Bastau). For the sake of this encounter, we shall be using those most excellent rules of engagement, "Batailles de l'Ancien Régime", or B.A.R. for short, written by Sir William B. Protz, Jr.
This will be a "classic" game in the true Old School Wargamer's fashion, utilizing 42 to 48 figure Infantry Battalions and 12 figure Cavalry Squadrons massed into larger Regimental formations. If you ever read "Charge! Or How To Play Wargames" by Brig. Peter Young and Lt. Col. J.P. Lawford, or "The Wargame" by Charles Grant and drooled at the sight of the massed Armies involved, then this is the venue for you. If you aren't familiar with the texts mentioned, please click on the link at the right for "Der Alte Fritz's Journal" to see magnificent pictures of the recent "Big Battalions" gaming event held in Lincolnshire, IL, and hosted by Bill Protz and Jim Purkey. It is truly a spectacle to behold! Their game featured over 4,000 beautifully painted figures who fought to a bloody conclusion. A similar event is being planned for the UK right now and I know there will be more in the US, but this is the 1st and, at least for now, ONLY one in Texas and the Great Southwest.
Each player shall command a Brigade of 25/28/30mm figures for this engagement, with attendant Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. Your Hosts will be providing many of the troops present for the battle, but prospective Brigade Commanders are encouraged (if not begged!) to also bring their own forces with them. The battle will portray a "possible" encounter between the forces of the Prussian Tyrant and his English Lackey's battling a valiant coalition of France, Austria, and their attendant Allies and "Wild Geese". Indeed, the fate of several Imagi-Nations in Greater Europa may hang in the balance. Can you truly allow yourself to miss this moment in History? We think not!
So, follow the progress of this Blog, mark your calendars for next November, and plan to help make History as part of the first "Big Battalion Game" in Texas, Old School Style. Remember, All roads DO lead to Texas (eventually) and there are other forms of transportation available as well (involving frightful airborne conveyences, we're told).
With respect, Sir Ed Youngstrom and Sir Bill McHenry


Der Alte Fritz said...

This sounds like a great idea. I wish you much luck and I will be following your progress with much anticipation. Feel free to use any of the photos from my blog.

Der Alte Fritz

Bluebear Jeff said...

There is a similar group in the UK trying to set up more "Big Battalion" games.

I've added a link to this blog on their "Links" page. That group can be found at:

Good luck . . . unfortunately, I will not be able to attend either game since I'm located in the wilds of western Canada . . . but I can enjoy from a distance, can't I?

-- Jeff

Gallia said...

Bon chance mes amis!,
Good luck my friends!,
I wish you well and offer encouragement of the highest sincerity and hope. You honor me as well by choosing Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 (BAR) for your tabletop rules with a link to same.
"Men on horseback" who organize activities like this, publish magazines and more are a very rare, vitally needed and positive dynamic in the hobby. Thank you for being that too.
Now, to all who pass by here. Kindly give this Texican team your unwavering support. Plan ahead for vacation time. Put aside the money for this vacation. No dithering now.
Honored and gratified!,

Bill McHenry said...

Jim and Bill,

Many thanks for your kind words and encouragement. If we can only achieve a small degree of your recent success in Licolnshire, we will be thrilled. Would love to see one or both of you attend, but I know the date is very close to RockCon and the SYWA event.


Thanks for your pro-active support as always. We wish you could make it down here. We would gladly send jerked meat and other "possibles" for your trip, but we here in Texas know those border crossings can be tricky at best, and dangerous at their worst. Take care and rest assured, we will keep you updated as we progress.

Sir William

Ed Youngstrom said...

Herr Alte, M. Chevert, and Jeff,

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope we can keep everyone's attention for a year!

ColCampbell50 said...

Sir William,

Hopefully the troops stationed at Col Campbell's Barracks (thanks for including the link) will be able to make the march from centrtal Mississippi to central Texas next year.

Jim Pitts (AKA Col. Campbell)