Sunday, October 28, 2007

Massing of Cavalry reported in South Central Texas

Many thanks to Robert Piepenbrink and Bill Protz.

Yesterday, a package arrived from Bill containing Robert's Patented Traveling Brigade of Spencer Smith Cavalry. Robert had loaned these figures for one of the Big Battalion games put on by M. Chevert and Der Alte Fritz for the gratification of the masses.

Now, these fine regiments will ride again in warmer climes.

I admit I was surprised. I was told to expect 72 figures, but somehow missed the point they were plastic. So when a huge box was deposited on the doorstep, I braced my feet and made sure not to lift with my back. And nearly hurled the box into the neighbor's yard!

But...the box did not have 72 figures. It has FIVE regiments of 24 figures each...120!!

So thank you Robert, and Bill for sending them along.

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tradgardmastare said...

As part of the UK big battalion group I follow your blog with great interest - keep up the good work!